smileare the only way to ensure your teeth maintain their new position.


Initially you will be required to wear your retainers full-time, followed by night-time only for a period of time. Dr O’Donnell will then advise you on the frequency they must be worn in the long term, depending on your unique needs.

  • Clear Retainers

    Invisalign-insertThese custom-designed plastic removable devices hold the upper and/or lower teeth in position following treatment using fixed or removable braces.

    Initially, you will be required to wear the retainer full time. You may then be directed to wear the retainer at night only for a limited period of time or indefinitely.

  • Fixed Retainers

    Fixed Retainer O'Donnell OrthodonticsA fixed retainer is very important in orthodontic after care and plays an essential role in holding your teeth in place long-term.

    This type of wire retainer is well tolerated because it is bonded to the back of your lower teeth, making it almost invisible. It will not affect your speech or your ability to eat.

    We generally apply a fixed retainer to each patient’s lower teeth following orthodontic treatment.

  • Hawley Retainer

    smile-straight-braceThis is a traditional, simple, durable and removable wire and acrylic retainer that has been designed to hold upper and lower teeth in place.

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