surgeonmodern dentistry, treatments are often multidisciplinary in nature, requiring the care of an orthodontist and practitioners from other areas of dentistry.

  • Canine Exposure

    Canine Exposure O'Donnell OrthodonticsIn cases where teeth are impacted or have failed to erupt, they are surgically exposed and then aligned with a brace.

    This is most common in the case of canine  or ‘eye’ teeth, which are surgically exposed and attached with a gold chain and bracket to align them.

  • Restorative Treatment

    Cosmetic-Dentistry-184x140Restorative treatment is required in cases where spaces may need to be opened or closed.

    It may also be required where teeth need to be aligned by an orthodontist to facilitate another treatment such as the placing of implants or bridges to replace missing or lost teeth.

  • Maxillofacial Surgery

    surgeonIn more  severe cases, orthodontic treatment alone may not be able to fully correct irregularities.

    Maxillofacial surgery may therefore be required to align the bones so that the orthodontist can then align the teeth into the best aesthetic and functional position .

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