adultsis never too late to benefit from easier-to-clean teeth, an improved bite or a more beautiful smile.


Today adults account for almost 40% of orthodontic patients.


Over the past 15 years, the practice of orthodontics has evolved significantly to include lightweight and aesthetic devices that allow you to live a normal professional and personal life while undergoing orthodontic treatment.

  • Ceramic Braces

    ceramic-bracesSubtle in appearance, ceramic braces are so-called because the brackets, such as InVu, are made of off-white ceramic to blend in with your teeth. Made of copper, nickel titanium or metal, the archwire is very fine and hardly noticeable.

    Ceramic braces may require the use of part-time accessories:

    • Small rubber bands or ligatures to secure the archwire to the brackets.
    • Rubber bands are occasionally necessary to help move teeth.


  • Fixed Metal Braces

    smile-track-braceA metal bracket is temporarily bonded to each tooth. These brackets can be attached to the front or the back of your teeth. A flexible archwire is fed through each bracket. Made of nickel titanium or stainless steel, this wire moves the teeth and requires changing every four to eight weeks.

    Fixed metal braces offer the quickest and most cost efficient treatment.

    Fixed metal braces may require the use of part-time accessories:

    • Small rubber bands or ligatures to secure the arch wire to the brackets.
    • Elastics to help move teeth in certain circumstances.
  • Six-Month Braces

    ceramic-bracesSix-month braces are fixed ceramic or metal appliances that are used to correct minor orthodontic irregularities that can be treated in a shorter time.

    It is not specifically a different type of treatment but six-month braces can be very effective and cost efficient in certain cases.

    Your suitability for six-month braces will be determined at your initial consultation.

  • Invisalign

    smile-invisalignWe take a mould of your upper and lower teeth and fit you with a custom-made clear, removable aligner. A number of aligners will be required to completely straighten your teeth.

    Invisalign technique may require the use of part-time accessories.

  • Retainers

    At the end of your orthodontic treatment, you will be required to wear a retainer for a prescribed period of time.

    At O’Donnell Orthodontics you can avail of a permanent wire retainer, a removable clear retainer or a removable Hawley retainer.


Our Mission

Established in 1993, O’Donnell Orthodontics provides affordable, cutting-edge, specialist orthodontic treatment for children, teenagers and adults.